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Would You Say you had Sex if? Reinisch and Sanders

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PSYC 436
Irving Binik

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Would You Say you had Sex if? - Reinisch and Sanders
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- almost everyone agrees that penile- vaginal intercourse would qualify as having "had
- 81% said penile-anal intercourse was having sex
- 14-15% manual stimulation of genitals would constitute having sex
- 40% oral stimulation constitutes having sex
- men more likely to rank these lower percentage activities as having constituted sex
than women.
- general agreement regarding what constitutes having "had sex" can not be taken for
- Oral Genital contact has the most ambivalent status, this finding is consistent with
other previous research
- future investigations should examine variables such as relational context of behaviour,
the relevance of orgasm, issues of consent, the relevance of cohort/socioeconomic
status to definitions of sex, and the potential costs/benefits of labelling a behaviour as
having had sex.
- there is a need for behavioural specificity when collecting data on sexual histories and
identifying sexual partners.
- more republicans, than democrats did not define oral sex as having "had sex"
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