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Defining Sexual Health Reading

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PSYC 436
Irving Binik

Defining Sexual Health A Discriptive OverviewEdwards et AlIn last 3 decades understanding of sexual health has evolved in interesting ways causal factors include 1960s sexual rev ongoing struggle over reproductive rights and abortion the maturation of gay rights movement overpopulation concerns and the devastating international impact of HIVAIDSaim of paper is to identify emergence and evolution of these definitions to achieve a better understanding of its historical roots and forces impacting discussiondiscussion of sexual health is ongoing and likely to continue to reflect current social forces as it has in past8 major definitions of sexual health identified Antecedents to Defining Sexual Healthattempts to define have been heavily influenced but the definition of health in general as developed by the WHO World Health Organization after WWIIhealth is a state of complete physical and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmitythis definition has received criticism but despite the critisms the definition has never been revisedCRITISM Saracci wording could be interoperated to mean a right to perfection and happiness making the state of health unachievable exacerbated the disparities in medical careWHO health definition influenced the definitions of other kinds of health including sex healtha primary contribution of the definition his the characterization that health is more then the absence of disease of infirmityit includes a subjective component of well being Cronological Review of Definitions of Sexual HealthWHO 1975 1987 1975identified 3 additional elements of sexual health1 a capacity to enjoy and control sexual and reproductive behaviour in accordance with a social and personal ethic 2freedom from fear shame guilt false beliefs and others psychological factors inhibiting sexual repines and impairing a sexual relationship 3 freedom from organic disorders diseases and deficiencesy that interfere with seal and reproductive functions
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