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Chapter 13

PSYC 471 Chapter 13: Why we do what we do-Chapter 13

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PSYC 471
Richard Koestner

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Chapter 13: The Meaning of Human Freedom Responsibility should not feel like an obligation Freedom can be found within constraints And vice versa (e.g. North Americans controlled by extrinsic values) What is freedom: usually refers to lack of coercion from external sources But another way to restrict freedom is from inner constraints (pressure, introjects) So human freedom means to be truly autonomous Social systems also play a role in creating internal pressures Freedom depends on individuals psychological functioning moment to moment True freedom involves balance between being proactive and respectful of ones environment Homonomous tendency (to be in union with larger group) + autonomous tendency=responsibility Actualizing these tendencies requires environmental nutriments 1950s very controlled 1960s rebellion or authentic social responsibilitygot misportrayed as only rebellion or only increased themes of social responsibility 1980s compliance againAyn Rand Parallel between 60s and 80s 60s people either defiedrebelled or were authenticresponsible 80s people either compliedmanipulated or were authenticresponsible Compliance in the 80s was just as bad as rebellion in the 60s As 90s progress control increases, more control will make things worse Bonner example Freedom can be the choice to not be free
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