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Religious Studies
RELG 207
Arvind Sharma

Buddhism terms Siddhartha Gautama: Buddha’s earthly name Sakyamuni: Honorific name—meaning the silence sage of the Sakya clan. Chakravartin: universal monarch (one of the two destinies provided to him) Buddha: meaning enlightened one Bo Tree/Bodhi Tree: he became enlightened here after staying for 6 days, when he decided to settle, he was approached by the lord of death. Mara: Lord of Death (when he decided to settle, he was approached by the lord of death.) He came and tried to tempt the Buddha, the legend goes that Mara offered his 3 daughters: o Tanha o Arati o Rasi = passion Mara approached the Buddha while he was attaining enlightenment Jataka Tales: stories of period when he wanted to attain enlightenment. Nirvana: state of which one reaches enlightenment…attain insight into reality itself. The Four Sights: enabled him to see the path of enlightenment was the monk o Sick man o Old man o Dead man o Sage—monk o Enabled him to see the path of enlightenment was the monk Middle Way: you can either fully indulge in the world, or renounce it. He decided there’s a path in between them, which was a better way. The optimal path for fulfillment is a path between extremes of indulgence and _________. The Four Noble Truths (Ariya saccani): o Dukka: life is suffering (Caused by Tanha) o Samudaya: suffering is caused by desire o Nirodha: suffering can be removed by removing its caused o Magga: yoga The Three Marks of Existence: o Anicca: parents—everything within cycle of existence is subject to change. If we’re in a situation, we may experience joy here that is going to change. o Dukkha o Anatta/Anatman—no subject that endures an experience. Three Types of Suffering: o Dukkha-dukkhata (ata is perfect passive suffix) suffering that is immediately present (physical pain) o Viparinama dukkhata— caused by change, the principal of existence
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