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Religious Studies
RELG 207
Arvind Sharma

Confucianism Part 2 ? Té : power of example is the only thing
 if a king wants his people to behave, he must behave in example Wen: arts of peace - soft power
 Taoism / Daoism Part 1 founder of Taoism is Lao Tzu (the master) born in 604 BCE
 was a librarian Tao - Te - Ching : classic of the way on it’s power
 text of Taoism
 can be read in an hour or a lifetime
 contains one of earliest statements on capital punishment foundational text of Taoism Chuang Tzu : another basic text of Taoism Tao can mean 3 things:
 - Transcendent : ultimate reality
 - Immanent : present in everything
 - Lifestyle : the way we should live our lives in order to be in harmony with the way (transcendent definition and immanent definition) Can be understood
 - Chi : energy
 how to make best use of our chi and how to raise our chi
 techniques have been developed to augment one’s chi and make best use of the chi that we have this power can have a communal dimension
 which is why Taoism
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