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Chapter 15

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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 211
Yasmin Bayer

SOCI 211 CHAPTER 15QUANTITATIVE DATA ANALYSISUNIVARIATE ANALYSISUnivariate analysis the analysis of a single variable for purposes of descriptiono EX Frequency distributions avgsmeasures of dispersionThe most basic format 4 presenting univariate dataoneway distribution Frequency distribution a description of theof times that the various attributes of a variable are observed in a sample o EX the report that 53 of a sample were men47 were women Average an ambiguous term generally suggesting typical or normala central tendency o The mean medianmore are specific examples of math averagesWhich measure of central tendency you choose to report depends on the nature of your datathe goal of your analysis Dispersion the distribution of values around some central value such as an average o The simplest measure of dispersion is the range o A more sophisticated measure is the standard deviation Standard deviationa measure of dispersion around the mean calculated so that approx 68 of the cases will lie within2 standard deviations999 will lie within 3
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