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Chapter 16

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 211
Yasmin Bayer

SOCI 211 CHAPTER 16THE ELABORATION MODELElaboration model a logical approach to understanding the relationship rdbetween 2 variables thru the simultaneous introduction of a 3 variable usually referred to as a controltest variable Though developed primarily thru the medium of contingency tables it may be used with other statistical techniques The various outcomes of an elaboration analysis include replication specification explanationinterpretationIt aims to elaborate on an empirical relationship among variables in order to interpret that relationshipThe central logic begins w an observed relationship between 2 variablesthe possibility that one variable may be causing the otherSometimes the analysis reveals the mechanisms thru which the causal relationship occurs Other times an elaboration analysis disproves the existence of a causal relationship altogether Having observed an empirical relationship between 2 variables level of educationacceptance of induction we seek to understand the nature of that relationship thru the effect produced by introducing other variables stsuch as having friends who were deferred We do this by 1 dividing our sample into subsets on the basis of the test variable control variableTest variable a variable that is held cons
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