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Chapter 8

Tepperman Chapter 8

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SOCI 250
Jason Carmichael

Tepperman Chapter 8AddictionsTermsAddictionsocially disapproved behaviour that is uncontrollable repetitious and possibly harmfulLabellingthe process of defining and treating others as deviant Labelling theory explores labels on individuals selfconceptions and is interested in the development of a deviant identity Social reactions of condemnation and criminalization can lead actors to alter their individual characteristics and to adopt the values of their labelled identity Drugany substance that causes a biochemical reaction in the bodyDrug abusethis concept begins with the notion of excessive or inappropriate drug use resulting in social psychological andor physiological impairments It stems from a chronic physical and psychological compulsion to continue taking a drug in order to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms Drug dependencethe routine need for a drug for physiological andor psychological reasonsTolerancea symptom of repeated and frequent drug use It refers to the decreased effectiveness of any given drug Medicalizationthe process through which behaviours are reconceived as instances of illness and are deemed no longer sinful since they are outside personal control Drug subculturea group of people who share common attitudes beliefs and behaviours surrounding drug use These attitudes and beliefs differ significantly from those of most people in the wider society Page 205206INTRODUCTION Labelling things as addictions gives them a medical label Recently people have been starting to label socially disapproved behaviours as addictionsonline shopping sex Internet eating etc Gabling has come close to proving itself as a new important form of addiction ADDICTIONA medical definition of addiction needs a person to answer yes to three or more of seven categoriesThere is nothing about how often a person uses the drug or alcoholissue is whether they have trouble controlling use if there are negative affects whenever substance is used Social effects of addiction are huge in broken families health consequences for addicts and their loved ones lost days at work cost of treating and fixing the addicts Also crime and safety issuesOther factors turn this personal issue into a public one because of the social causes of addiction Focus on the social forces that increase the risks that certain people or groups will develop addictions We need to understand what it is about our society and our social policies that promote harmful addictive behaviour Addictive Behaviour Questions yes or noToleranceHas your use of drugs or alcohol increased over timeDesire to cut downHave you sometimes thought about cutting down or controlling your use Have you ever made unsuccessful attempts to cut down or control your useWithdrawalWhen you stop using have you ever experienced physical or emotional withdrawal Have you had any of the following symptoms irritability anxiety shakes sweats nausea or vomitingDifficulty controlling your useDo you sometimes use more or for a longer time than you would like Do you sometimes drink to get drunk Do you usually stop after a few drinks or does one drink lead to more drinksNegative consequencesHave you continued to use even though there have been negative effects to your mood selfesteem health job or familyPutting off or neglecting activitiesHave you ever put off or reduced social recreational work or household activities because of your useSpending significant time or emotional energyHave you spent a significant amount of time getting using hiding planning or recovering from your use Have you spent a lot of time thinking about using Have you ever hidden or minimized your use Have you ever thought of schemes to avoid getting caught Page 210221
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