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SOCI 326 (2)

Education and Ethnic Violence

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 326
Matthew Lange

Educations in Ethnic Violence Identity, Educational Bubbles and Resource Mobilization Matthew Lange Four Mechanisms 1) Socialization Mechanism 2) Frustration-aggression mechanism 3) Competition mechanism 4) Mobilization Mechanism Ultimate impact of education depends on three contextual factors: 1) presence of resource scarce environments a. abundance of resources limits frustration aggression mechanism as educated are more likely to attain their expectations for status and mobility b. impedes competition mechanism by limited intensity of zero-sum competition over resources 2) ineffective political institutions a. strengthens the frustration-aggression mechanism: more likely to discriminate and use violence against segments of their own populations b. less capable of containing outbreaks of ethnic violence 3) ethnic divisions and animosity a. necessary for ethnic violence *education is rarely an independent cause of ethnic violence but is a background condition Nazi Support among the educated: 1) Socialization mechanism - Education socialized students to support nationalism and anti-semitism - Nazis reformed educational system to promote racial hygiene and anti-semitism (primary, secondary and university level) - Legitimized and encouraged genocide - Pre-nazi education also supported ultranationalism and anti-semitism - Schools were locations of formal discrimination against jews 2) Frustration-Aggression and Competition Mechanism a. Educated classes scared of socialism b. Educated classes had higher expectations –therefore more willing to support radical parties c. Educated unemployed were experiencing higher economic competition with jews  focuse
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