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Tracy Prowse

Illness and Death 18/01/2013 3:08:00 PM pg. 166-178 Ethnomedicine Ethnomedicine – study of cross-cultural health systems, focussing perceptions and classifications of health problems, prevention measures, diagnosis, healing and healers Western biomedicine – a healing approach based on modern Western science that emphasizes technology in diagnosing and treating health problems related to the human body, is an ethnomedical system. Disease – a biological health problem that is objective and universal, such as a bacterial or viral infection Illness – culturally specific perceptions and experiences of a health problem. Medical anthropologists study both diseases and illness and how both must be understood within their cultural contexts. Culture-Specific Syndrome – a health problem with a set of symptoms associated with a particular culture  social factors such as stress, fear or shock are often the underlying causes  Somatization refers to the process through which the body absorbs social stress and manifests symptoms of suffering  Susto is found in Spain and Portugal and among Latinos wherever they live o attribute fright/shock disease to losing a loved one or having a terrible accident Ethno-etiology – reers to a cross-culturally specific casual explanation for health problems Structural suffering - or social suffering to refer to health problems caused by powerful forces such as poverty, war, famine or forced migration. This
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