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Chapter 2,3 & 5

ANTHROP 1AA3 Chapter 2,3 & 5: Definitions for exam Chap 2,3 &5

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Anthropology Definitions Chapter 2: Sex and Gender Gender: Culturally constructed and learned behaviours and ideas associated with masculinity, femininity, or a third,orblendedgender.Genderiscontrasted tosex,whichusesbiologicalmarkerstodefinecategoriesofmale and female Sex: Biological differences between males and females Gender construct: The set of cultural assumptions about gender roles andvalues andthe relationsbetween the genders that people learn as members of societies Transvestism: Dressing in the clothes usually worn by members of the opposite gender Berdaches: A blurred gender category, usually referring to a person who is biologically male but who assumes a female gender role TwoSpirit: In Native American societies, males who adopted some of the social and economic roles of women, and females who adopted some of the social and economic roles of men Gender roles: Constellations of rights, duties, attitudes, and behaviours that are culturally associated with each gender Gender relations: Norms of interaction between men and women, which may reflect differences in the relative status, prestige, and power of women and men Gender equality: A constellation ofbehaviours,attitudes,and rightsthatsupportthe autonomyofboth women and men Gender inequality: The denial of autonomy and equal rights to one group of people based on their gender Male dominance: A constellation of behaviours and attitudes that grant men access to roles of prestige and reward and deny the same to women 1
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