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Chapter 3

ANTHROP 1AA3 Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Definitions

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Chapter 3: Food and Nutrition Subsistence patterns: Methods of obtaining food using available land and resources, available labor and energy, and technology Foragers: People who subsist on the collection of naturally occurring plants and animals. Also referred to as hunter-gatherers Food producers: Users of a subsistence strategy that transforms and manages the environment to obtain food Pastoralism: A mode of production based on keeping domesticated animal herds and using their products, such as meat and milk, for most of the diet Horticulture: Plant cultivation carried out with relatively simple tools and methods; nature replaces nutrients in the soil, in the absence of permanently cultivated fields Agriculture:Amodeofproductionthatinvolvesgrowingcropswiththeuseofplowing,irrigation, and fertilizer. Also called farming Carrying Capacity: The number of people who can be sustained by the resources and environment in which they live Reciprocity: Principles of mutual gift giving Redistribution: A form of exchange that involves one person collecting goods or money from many members of a group who then, at a later time and at a public event, “returns”, the pooled goods to everyone who contributed Leveling mechanisms: Cultural practices designed to equalize access to food, resources, and social prestige through a community so that no one individual can amass greater wealth or greater prestige than other people Nomads: People who do not have permanent homes but travel to sources of food as the food becomes seasonally available Optimal foraging theory: Application of animal studies and decision theory to human foraging Transhumance: The practice among pastoralists of moving to new pastureland on a seasonal basis Surplus: Food and other goods that are produced at a level greater than that needed for surv
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