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Chapter 1

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Subfield Description Sub disciplines Connection to others PhysicalResearch human PaleoanthropologyHumans needs and Anthropology evolution andStudy of human evolution limitations dictated by nature modern human through analysis of fossilsCapacity for culture and variationDate and compare fossil bones ability to learn sets us apartOther groups focusDetermine links between modern from other animals on range of physical humans and biological ancestorsCombination of biology and variation in human Primatology culture allowed humans to populationsStudy primates evolve and thriveMeasure body sizeBelong to same biologicalnatural selection weeded out types difference in classification as humans humans that did not fit in with skin colours etc Share physical characteristics and cultural developmentsWant to explain why evolutionary relationshipBiological aspects of variation occurs Osteology evolution influenced social lifePlay crucial roles inStudy of human skeletons ex Children born earlier so police investigationsCan identify murder victims from can fit through birth canal but develop appearance skeletal remains need more care from parents of murder victimsWant to find out how physical in early life from bone fragments characteristics reflect evolutionaryBiology and cultureadaptations to different determine health and illness environmental conditions ex Foraging vs agriculture Certain diseases cause social issues ex AIDS STDs seen as less desirable people ArchaeologyExamine materialPrehistoric archaeologists study Archaeologists reconstruct traces of past artifacts of first humans on earth behavior through study of societiesHistoric archaeologists material remainsArtifacts material investigate artifacts of societiesCan reveal ways of life that products of former from more recent past are not longer observable societies that provideEthnoarchaeology study ofProvide understanding of clues to the past material artifacts from past and longterm cultural changesInform us about observations of modern people Contribute to understanding culture of past who use or have symbolic meaning of ecology how states and societies values for artifacts cities arose gender roles beliefs norms Cultural resource management economic and socialEx Stones potter CRM type of archaeology organization glass show how past concerned with management andLinks the past and present societies ate meals assessment of significant culturalDNA can rule out what used in houses resources relationships but biological and work etc People steal archaeological traits and cultural traditionsevidence for personal collections can still show connectionRemoving artifact from contextCan find out when language cheats everyone of its knowledge began to develop by toolsArtifacts are rare finite resource made around that time if could be made by imitation or
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