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Chapter 6

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Antonio Sorge

Chapter 6: Peace, Violence, and Conflict  Positive sanctions are prizes or recognition towards people that act good o Ex. Students who behave in class, they get recognition for that  Negative sanctions are methods to discourage people from behaving badly in order for them to act properly o Ex. Telling someone the truth about they way they act is bad  Informal sanctions includes teasing and gossiping about people who misbehave  Formal sanctions includes fines and other punishments distributed upon people who break the law o Police giving a speeding ticket to someone that was speeding  Therefore, norms and sanctions maintains social order  Males and females have different hierarchy (rank, dominance)  Dominance vs. Subordinates o Subordinate individuals are often intimidated by dominant individuals  Ex. Non-popular kids are usually afraid or the popular kids  Frans de Waal stated that animals that were in conflict before may eventually compassion towards each other by kissing, hugging or holding hands o He calls this postconflict reconciliation o de Waal also researched how primates interacted with each other in terms of their social behavior  Conflict avoidance (basically self-explanatory)  Conflict is exist in primate groups such as ourselves and primates and society  Douglas Fry addresses different conflict management strategies:  Game theory: find equilibrium and other aspects of the Game theory o Refer to Chapter 17 with the situation with the prisoner example  There is something that has increased the price, what happens to the curve? (Pertaining to Chapter 18)  Know when the demand for the labour forces increases o Self-control and restraint in displaying your anger o Control aggressiveness (fighting) o “Attention to the satisfaction and needs of others”  Fry’s quote stating that people should make others feel good about them. Ex. laughing at their jokes even if it is not funny  Reciprocity is people depending on others for material and emotional support  Negative emotions such as anger promote illness Chapter 6: Peace, Violent and Conflict 1 o The person performing the negative emotion would not be ill, it is the person being targeted by the negative emotion that would be ill this is because the person being insulted or whatever would become angry for being insulted.  The Taitas believed that build up of angry leads to illnesses o Rituals performed to remove the angry consist of:  Person drink a mouthful of water  Spits it out while calling blessings and good f
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