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Chapter 5 Hinduism Born into Hinduism converts are not sought Core textFour Vedas along with other stories Two important stories include Mahabharata and Ramayana Worship brings blessing to the worshippers Darshun the act of seeing the deity usually in the form of an icon Lower class deities prefer meat sacrifices while Upper class prefer flowers rice and fruit Nayar fertility Ritual all night ritual to help infertile women bare children through diverting blame from that woman Karma is a basic concept which translates to destiny or fate it is determined from birth on the basis on the previous life and how it was conducted Womens karma dictates being married and having children so leaving ones husband is a major act of resistance Buddhism Founder Siddhartha Gautama Buddha or awakened one Buddhism arose as a protest against Hinduism but kept some concepts such as karma Some worship the Buddha as a deity some do not only follow teachings Nirvana release form worldly life Everyone has potential and with every incarnation they are better until finally they are released from Samsara the cycle of birth reincarnation death rebirth and so on is achieved Local spirits people can deal with nats but not karma In Southeast Asia you can choose between Buddhism and indigenous traditions Judaism PentateuchFive books of Moses Torah established theme of exile and return as a paradigm for Judaism that endures todayIdentifying what is wrong with the present and how to escape overcome or survive that situationMonotheistic Only one GodSidur prayer book
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