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Bridget O' Shaughnessy

Chapter 5 Training Design Training Objectivea statement of what trainees are expected to be able to do after a TR programthe knowledgeskills to be acquired 1 Writing TR Objectives should contain 5 key elements of the desired outcomea Who is to perform the desired behaviour Employees managers b What is the actual behav to be employed to demonstrate mastery of the TR content or objectivec WhereWhen is the behav to be demonstratedevaluated ie under what conditions During typing test on a ski hill d ABOVE e What is the stnd by which the behav will be judged Expectations of trainee o overall the above defines the who what where whenhowcriteriono the final TR objective should include 1 Performance 2 Condition 3Criterion Purchase vs Designpackaged programshigh quality immediate delivery potential to customize the package to the org extensive testingless expensiveInternal programssecurity confidentiality use of the orgs lang use of internal content expertiseanalysis is necessary to determine the best optionA costbenefit Time is also a fact in terms of how soon the org wants to begin TRthe require TR if small not worthwhile if large then in of employeeshouse program is usefulRequest for Proposal RFP a doc that outlines to potential vendorsconsultants the orgs TRproject needs o Should provide info about orgs needsnature of project includesPrequalification checklistDetailed description of the opportunityDescription of the companycultureScope of the projectstatement of workinstructions on how to respond to the RFPetcTraining Contentmust be based on the TR needsobjectives of the orgthe gap bw the employees current levels of knowledgeskillsthe orgs desired levels rep the TR needscontent for the TR programSubjectmatterexpert SME a person who is familiar w the knowledge skillsabilities required to perform a task or job
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