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Chapter 7

ANTHROP 1AB3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Magdalenian, Chain Migration, Cave Painting

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Chapter 7: Mobilities and Cultural Flows
Chapter 7: Mobilities and Cultural Flows
Migration is when people move from one place to another
o Ex. Moving from Hamilton to Toronto because they want to be closer to your job
3 core areas of democracy:
o Migration
o Fertility
o Mortality
What is Internal Migration?
Internal migration are movement within a state/country
o Ex. Moving from Ontario to Alberta
o People move to urban areas is due to job opportunities
Push-pull theory of labour migration, it is said that:
o Push Factor
Rural areas are not able to support population growth
Expectations of living standard increases
o Pull Factor (cities)
Attracts people, especially the young for employment
Better lifestyle for people
Rural vs. Urban the cost and benefit of moving from rural life to urban life
What is International Migration?
International migration is movement to a different country
o Ex. Moving from China to Canada
2% of worlds population or 100 million people lives outside of their home country
People move to industrialized countries to find jobs
Certain countries such as Canada and the US limited the immigrants especially non-
white immigrants
Transnational Migration
Transnational migration is when people move from place to place constantly
o Ex. Celebrities travels to different places such as New York, Los Angeles, and Las
Vegas etc. to film. They never stay in the same place for long

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Chapter 7: Mobilities and Cultural Flows
How does transnational migration affect people when they constantly move?
o Affects their sense of identity and citizenship
o Weakens the sense of having one home
Because since they are constantly moving, they are living in different
o People become isolated and constantly long to be accepted into a community
Remittances is when people send/donate money back or support or gift
o Ex. My dad sends money back home
o People send money back home because it reminds them of their home
Expenditure or investment
Categories Based on Reason for Moving
Wage labour migration is when people move to certain places to work for a certain
amount of time. They do not plan to live there forever
o Ex. Nursing job offers in the cold region. People who goes up there and work
have no intention of living there forever, they move there to work for a few
months and then move back
Circular migration is when people move between 2 or more places
Displaced persons are people that has been kicked out of their homes, groups or
countries and are forced to move somewhere else
o They don’t have much say in where and when they move
Internally displaced persons are people that has been kicked out of their homes but still
remains in the same country
Refugees are people that has lost their home
o They are forced to move elsewhere
o Victims of prosecution
Due to their race, religion, nationality, ethnicity etc.
o Mainly women and kids
o Have the least choice about where and when to move. Their choice options are
less than displaced people
Development-induced displacement is when people are forced to move due to a
development of development projects
Institutional migrants is when people chooses or are forced to move into social
o Ex. Monks, nuns, prisons, university
Many international students are more likely to suffer from mental and adjustment
stress than local students (me or people who live in the same area)
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