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Chapter 1,3

ANTHROP 2PC3 Chapter 1,3: ANTHRO 2PC3 Textbook 1_3

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Brandi Lee Mac Donald

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January 12, 2016
Anthropology 2PC3
Textbook Chapter 1
Investigating the meaning of archaeology in Popular Culture
Learning about the past told in relation to cultural heritages could
a. Broaden peoples perspectives on the present
b. Create familiar surroundings that make people at home
Archaeologys trending subject
Safe and familiar but adventurous, exotic, and sensual cowboys of science
Call of Cthulhu
Emotional stories sell more-> archaeology provides
Replacing the focus on national heritage to cultural heritage
According to Julian Thomas, archaeology is linked to a modernist worldview
Textbook Chapter 3
Archaeology in the mass media
TV programmes and newspapers articles are significant indicators of larger trends in popular
Archaeology in TV
o Major source of info on the field through this medium
o Using archaeology for documentaries because it is a visual field
Germanys Gisela Graitchens adventure archaeology
o C14 creator. First dedicated archaeology TV show
o Grown out of tradition of documenting archaeologists lives
Sweden Göran Burenhults exotic explorations
o Changed the image of archaeology in Sweden from being viewed as stuffy
o Goes dressed in colonial style clothes, investigating, evoking themes of Indiana Jones
Great Britain Time Teams digging detectives
o Thrives on the notion of archaeologists discovering a series of material clues gradually
solving a hidden mystery
Archaeology in Newspaper
o Archaeotainment
o Excavation-centred lacking (paradoxically) a historical time perspective