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Chapter R1

ANTHROP 2PC3 Chapter Notes - Chapter R1: Eurocentrism

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Brandi Lee Mac Donald

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January 7, 2016
Anthropology 2PC3: Reading 1
Digging holes in Popular Culture
Archaeology and science fiction
Are we perceived to be what we say we are?
How are archaeologists perceived by the public at large?
Approach stereotypes by:
Posing suitable framed questions directly to the public
Observe such impressions and perceptions indirectly through a third party or medium
Case study 1: Doctor Who Daemons
Analysis: Archaeologist is the classic older man looking for treasure. Out of date methodologies,
Case study 2: Star Trek: The Next Generation The Chase
Analysis: more up to date methodologies. But again had an aged, older professor who was
We archaeologists- sometimes are considered dull and need to be more exciting to receive more
Out of the box: Popular notions of archaeology in documentary programming on Australian Television.
Effectively communication archaeology info to the public is important to Australian archaeologists.
Merriman argues that they should only be concerned with academic attention.
Emphasis on television as a source of archaeological learning
Catalist, Totally Wild
Strong Eurocentric bias, colonial stereotypes.
Key goal should be to increase availability and access to Australian content
Advocates for big-budget documentaries but more from beyond entertainment value -> only achieved
from commercialised mainstream productions though
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