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Chapter 10 From Tree Shrew to ApeDuring the Permian and early Triassic periods much of the worlds fauna was dominated by therapsids a diverse group of reptiles that possessed traits such as being warmblooded and covered with hair that linked them to mammals that evolved laterAt the end of the Triassic most therapsid groups disappeared and dinosaurs radiated to fill all of the niches for large terrestrial animals One therapsid lineage evolved and diversified These early mammals were probably mousesized nocturnal creatures that fed mainly on seeds and insectsThey had internal fertilization but still laid eggsBy the end of the Mesozoic era placental and marsupial mammals that bore live young had evolvedWith extinction of dinosaurs at the beginning of the next era Cenozoic came the radiation of mammalsAccording to Darwins theory complex adaptations are assembled gradually each step f
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