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CHAPTER 1Bio 2fo3What is ecologyEcology branch of science dedicated to the study of relationships between organisms and the environmentand focused on understanding how organisms interact with each other and their environmentalso how people interact with their environmentEcologtists study it over a large range of temperal and spatial scalesField work and reliance of scientific methodoIf you want to predict impacts of climate change on loca species diversity oIf you want to understand how predators may alter prey densitiesoDetermine the importance of a given patch of habitat on the migration of an endangered animaloStudied ecologyoForteroMacarthuroDavisoSchlinderoNorris stable isotopesoPlatt use of satellitesWhat has ecology been the domain ofdescribePhysiological ecologists study the morphological and physiological mechanisms organisms use to gather energy and cope with biotic and abiotic stressors in the environment Behavioural ecologists focus on the determinants of indivuals behaviour and how that can influence interactions among indivuals and the environment What are the 7 levels of ecological organization BiosphereRegionLandscapeEcosystemCommunityPopulationsindividualsPopulation ecology centered on factors influencing population structure and dynamicswhere a population is a group of indivuals of a single species inhabiting a defined area Community Ecology individuals interact with others from a number of species and these interactions form the basis of the next level of organization within ecology they study interactions such as predation parasitism mutualismand competition
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