CMST 2R03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Experimental Music, Simple Verse, Peanut Butter

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Chapter 9
The Rise of Disco
I Should Be Dancin’: A New Dance Craze:
In the late 1970s – dance-oriented “disco” music became extremely popular
in the United States
Disco had a long history as an underground style
Popularity of disco began largely in 1977 – can be attributed to an interest in
enjoying music through physical movement (dancing) rather than cerebrally
(stationary learning)
Rock had become music that was primarily for listening in 1970s
Until it hit mainstream in 1977, disco was mostly an underground style that
occasionally popped up into greater visibility
First hits to arise from disco subculture were George McCrae’s “Rock Your
Baby” and Van McCoy’s “The Hustle”
oBlended a direct dance beat with a catchy pop hook that is repeated
Rock listeners would have known all of these songs, but
viewed them as novelty tunes rather than serious threats to the rock world
oDisc jockeys created special extended versions of dance songs, which
were not available to the record-buying public
Disco emerged onto the national scene in 1977 with the release of
Saturday Night Fever
oMany hippies cut their hair, put on sleek polyester shirts, and
headed out to dance clubs
The Return of the Producers:
By the mid-1970s, the music industry had given over much of the
production authority in rock to the musicians themselves
Bands used producers to help run recording sessions, but often
retained a significant amount of say in how the record sounded
oPopularity of disco represents a return to the authority of
oDisco records were made according to the Brill Building or
Motown models – producers and engineers taking a central
role in the creative process
Jacques Morali and Giorgio Moroder –two of the most important
producers in commercial disco
oProduced American acts using a European style of disco
(often called Eurodisco)
Eurodisco differed from the underground dance music of urban clubs
in America as it was more rhythmically precise and not as funk-based
First disco acts to emerge in the mainstream was the Village people-
often exemplifies Eurodisco
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