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Gender Identity and Gender RolesChapter 5Prenatal Sexual DifferentiationAristotle believed hot semen made men cold semen made female23 chromosomes from male 23 chromosomes from female combine to 23 pairszygote is a fertilized egg cellovum carries X chromosome sperm carries X or Y chromosomefemale is XX male is XY after fertilization zygote divides multiple times5 or 6 weeks embryo has a pair of gonads external genitals cant tell sex7 weeks genetic code XX or XY starts cause changes in genitalsgonads11 or 12 weeks ovaries begin to formbasic blueprint of human embryo is female because of chromosomestextbookGENDER IDENTITY NATURENURTUREHermaphroditesPerson who possess both ovarian and testicular tissueRareIntersexualPerson who possess gonads ovariestestes of one gender but external genitilia that is ambiguous of the other gender Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia CAHCommon in F intersexualismGenetic F has internal F structure but masculanized external glandsGirls w CAH showed more interest in masculinetyped toys more likely to have boys as friends and want masculinetyped careers increased testesAndrogeninsensitivity SyndromeAffects genetic M who as a result of a mutated gene have experienced lowerthannormal prenatal sensitivity to androgensGenitals do not become normally masculinevideo Intersex Genital Mutilation Parents decide to operate or not when child is born Or do you let your child grow intersexualvideo World Leading Runner Ran as a F but is intersex She was suspended for months bc she was biologically different 1
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