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Chapter 6

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Philip Rose

CH 6 Required Reading NotesAttractionLoveAttractionSimilarity Hypothesis The concept that ppl tend to develop romantic rshps w those whose lvls of attractiveness are similar to their own Research have found that ppl in committed rshps are likely to be similar to their partners in terms of attitudes and cultural attributes 95 of Canadians choose partners from ovwn racial bckgrdPropinquityProximityWe tend to live among or come in contact with pl whose bckgrds are similar to ours Were drawn to ppl whose attitudes are similar to our own Ppl from similar bckgrds are more likely to hold similar attitudes than ppl from diff bckgrds Evidence shows that women are more likely to place more value on physical attractiveness ReceprocityMutual exchangeEnables couples to be happy bc of exchanging positive words and actions Is Beauty in the Eye of the BeholderIn general women consider taller men to be more attractivesuggests social dominance status access to resources and a positive heritable trait Both F and M find to slenderness attractive esp in F African and Latino men are interested in women who have large thick bodies than EuropeanAmerican men who are interested in slender womenA study by Dalhousie UniversityWomen with small and medium waist was preferred regardless of weight Walking style or gait is also a physical feature that influences attractiveness A study by Queens UniversityMen were shown images of women walked and asked to rate their attractiveness Women were shown walking during their luteal or least fertile phase were judged most attractive People who are attractive know it On average men and women are attracted to partners w particular physical attributes but theres a great deal of variation in what ppl find attractive Although most women prefer partners to be taller than themselvesNonPhysical Traits and AttractivenessBoth F and M rate faces as more attractive when theyre smiling than when theyre not Women are more attracted to socially dominant men than men are to be attracted to socially dominant women 1
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