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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Required Reading NotesSexual Orientation refers to a persons erotic attraction to and interest in developing romantic relationships with members of one sex or the other Heterosexual orientation erotic attraction to members of the other sex StraightHomosexual orientation erotic attraction to members of your own anatomic sexBisexual Orientation sexually attracted to and interested in forming romantic relationships with both males and females COMING TO TERMS WITH TERMS Homosexuality is controversial feels it draws attention to sexual behaviour Term bears social stigma having historically been associated with deviance and mental illnessTerm homosexual is ambiguous When we speak of gay lesbian or bisexual we are referring to sexual attraction to the same sexSEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY Since gay and lesbian are attracted to their own sex some think that they would want to be apart of the other sexSmall percentage of gays and lesbians become transsexual that is adopt gender identities that are different from their anatomic sex When heterosexuals think about homosexuals they tend to focus almost exclusively on the sexual aspects on malemale or femalefemale relationships Relationships of homosexuals like those of heterosexual involve more than sex Homosexuals like heterosexuals spend only a small amount of time in sexual activity More basic to a gay male or a lesbian sexual orientation is the formation of romantic attachments with members of ones own sex oProvide framework for love and intimacy Alderson 2007 concluded that sexual orientation should be conceptualized and measured as a combination of several factors sexual attraction sexual fantasies sexual preference sexual partners tendency to fall in love romantically and experience of falling in love romantically Scale also measures a persons selfidentified sexual identity CLASSIFYING SEXUAL ORIENTATION Heteroerotic of an erotic nature and involving members of the other sex Homoerotic of an erotic nature and involving members of ones own sex Gay males and lesbians may engage in malefemale sexual activity while maintain gay sexual orientations Sexual orientation isnt necessarily expressed in sexual behaviour Civers and Bailey 2005 exposed men and women to visual male and female sexual stimuli and measured both their genital responses and their selfreports and sexual arousalMale heterosexual responded genitally only to the female stimuli and gay males showed the reverse pattern Women both heterosexual and lesbian were more likely to be aroused by both male and female sexual stimuli 1
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