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Chapter 11

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CH 11 CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION Condom a sheath made of animal membrane or latex that covers the penis during coitus and serves as a barrier to sperm following ejaculation Condoms were introduced shortly after Charles Goodyear in 1843 CONTRACEPTION IN CANADAAmanda Black and Collegues 2009None of the women were trying to get preganant and 4102751 149 used no contraception 543 use condoms and 437 used oral contraceptives Atrifical Contraception a method of contraception that applies a human made device CONTRACEPTIVE USE AMONG CANADIAN TEENS 20052006 study Human Behaviour in School aged Childrenof students in grade 10 had experienced sexual intercourseContraceptives usedoCondoms m47 f40oBirth control pills m25 f33oWithdrawal was the third most common method m8 f14METHODS OF CONTRACEPTIONOral contraceptivea contraceptive that consists of sex hormones and it is swallowed oFall into two catergories combination pills and minipills Combination pill a birth control pill that contains synthetic estrogen and progesterone Minipill a birth control pill that contains synthetic progesterone but no estrogen HOW IT WORKS Women cant conceive when they are already pregnant because their bodies suppress matutation of egg follicles and ovulation Combination pill fools the brain into thinking the women in already pregnant so no additional ova mature or are released In normal menstrual cycle low estrogen levels during and just after the menstrual phase stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete FSH which in turn stimulates maturation of the ovarian follicles Estrogen in the combination pill inhibits FSH production so follicles dont mature Progesterone inhibits the pituitarys secretion of LH which would otherwise lead to ovulation Combination pill is take for 21 days of the typical 28 day cyclefor seven days the women takes no pill oSudden drop of hormone levels causes the endometrium to disintegrate and menstratation to follow three or four days after The progestin in the combination pill also increase the thickness and acidity of the cervical mucus oMucus becomes more resistant barrier to sperm and inhibits the development of the endometrium Minipill contains progestin but no estrogen oTaken daily through the menstral cycle even during menstruation 1
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