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Chapter 12

CMST 1A03 Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Definitions

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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Terry Flynn

Chapter 12: Definitions: Public Policy: The set of rules, laws, and practices that govern the operation of communication sectors. Horizontal Relationship: A unique arrangement between readers and a news organization, where reader members are invited to participate in decision-making in terms of both developing story ideas and administrative issues. Journalist members are the primary story contributors and the editors do the administrative work for the organization. While some of the published material is contributed by volunteers, such as cooperative pays contributors wherever possible, in both cash and exchange. Public Interest: the investment that a national group or other polity has in preserving or developing the best of its values and ideals. UNESCO: The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. Public Policy: creates a framework for how these factors play themselves out. Provides a set of rules and regulations governing the way information and media products are created and consumed.  The set of rules, laws, and practices that govern the operation of communication sect
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