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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Angie C , page 1 CHAPTER 7 : IMPROVING INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS Communication Climates in Interpersonal Relationships - every relationships has a communication climate: emotional tone of a relationship; words and action both communicate o determined by the degree people feel valued; done by:  confirming responses: “you matter” “you are of worth”; occurs on: + recognition + acknowledgement + endorsement  disconfirming responses: lack of regard for other by means of: + avoidance + deception + inattention  disconfirming responses depends on other’s perception After climate is formed - grows into a spiral: a mutual communication pattern where each person’s message reinforces the other’s o positive spiral: one partner’s message receives confirmation from other, leading to positive reaction, reinforcing relationship o negative spiral: when receiving disconfirmation, one feels worse o principle: what goes around comes around  avoidance triggered avoidance  analysis triggered analysis - escalatory conflict spirals: reciprocal pattern of communication where (dis)confirming messages reinforce one another - de-escalatory conflict spirals: gradually lessen dependence on one another, and become less invested in relationship Defensive vs. Supportive Behaviours Evaluation VS Description Control VS Problem orientation Strategy (Manipulation) VS Spontaneity (Straightforwardness) Neut
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