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Chapter 10-11

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Rita Cossa

CHAPTER TENHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FINDING AND KEEPING THE BEST EMPLOYEES Working with People is Just the BeginningHuman resource management HRM process of determining human resource needs and then recruiting selecting developing motivating evaluating compensating and scheduling employees to achieve organizational goalsLink between what happens in organizations and prosperity of communityDeveloping the Ultimate ResourceHRM more important because of shift from traditional manufacturing industries to service and hightech manufacturing industriesMany workers must be retrained for newmore challenging jobsEmployees are the ultimate resourceQualified employees are scarcer so recruiting is more difficultHR departments roles will be involved in providing strategic inputLess timeenergy will be spent on HR administrationHR in danger of extinction if continues to only rely on recruiting employee relations compensation and trainingMight become most critical function in futureWill be responsible for dealing with all people most critical resourceThe Human Resources ChallengeSurvey Creating People Advantage How to Address HR Challenges Worldwide Through 2015Number one HR challenge worldwide managing talentExecutives in Canadas challenges o Managing demographics o Improving leadership development o Managing worklife balance o Transforming HR into strategic partnerReport suggested five steps to overcome challenges 1 Understand external environment 2 Understand internal environment 3 Select most critical HR topics and set priorities 4 Initiate projects with dedicated teams 5 Secure support from top managementHR professionals musto Ensure everything has a positive business impact o Promote constructive change by building on strengths of organization o Build people systems that differentiate organization in the marketplace so it can be selfmanaged
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