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group contract - commerce assignment 1

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McMaster University
Rita Cossa

COMMERCE 1E03 Professor Rita Cossa Group Number January 31, 2014 Team Contract Surname Name Student Number E-mail Contents Performance Expectations 1 Operating Policies and Procedures 1 Consent 2 ii Performance Expectations nd Group meetings shall occur every Tuesday from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. in MSU 2 floor, with each meeting lasting for a minimum of one hour. Meetings are mandatory and advance notice is required if a member is to be late or absent. In order to be fully prepared for these meetings, it is expected that each group member is expected to attend class and tutorial. During each meeting, the members are expected to actively participate in the group discussion. It is also critical that members are well prepared prior to meetings. Communication between group members will occur on a daily basis through means of Facebook group messaging. Members are required to check the group chat once a day before 5:30 p.m. Operating Policies and Procedure To ensure the group is operating to the best of its abilities, the following will address the policies and procedures as agreed upon by each member. Attendance and punctuality is expected amongst all group members. Members are expected to actively participate during the weekly meetings and devote the allotted time to the scheduled task
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