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Chapter 13-Understanding employee-management issues and relations • Union is an employee organization that has the main goal of representing members in employee-management bargaining over job-related issues • Unions are responsible for establishing minimum wage laws, overtime rules, workers compensation, severance pay, child-labour laws, job safety and more • The shift from agriculture work to service work changed the way people work now in terms of working conditions and hours • Labour organizations emerged as a result of improper working conditions for employees • Industrial union: consists of unskilled and semi-skilled workers in mass-production industries • Union centrals: coordinate the activities of member unions when representing the interests of labour to local, provincial, and deferral governments as well as to organize labour on the world scene • Canadian labour congress is the largest union central in Canada and it promotes itself as “bringing together the majority of unions in Canada in a unified, national voice” • CLC promotes decent wages and working conditions and improved health and safety laws • Union density: measures the percentage of workers who belong to unions • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is the largest Canadian union. It represents workers In health care, education, municipalities, libraries, social services • Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) is one the largest private-sector union in Canada Protecting the Environment • Canada ranked 53 out of 56 countries • this is due to: 1) federal climate change programs and initiative to help low-income Canadians increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs were slashed 2) Canada failed to meet its legal commitments under the Kyoto Protocol 3) An effective plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions have not been developed 4) The Alberta oil sands developments have been allowed to grow unfettered, poised the air, natural landscape, and water and drinking supply of communities in the process Organized Labour in Canada • Growth and influence of organized labour in Canada is dependent on the law and public opinion • Businesses can do the following to limit an employer’s potential liability about sexual harassment: 1. Take complains seriously 2. Acknowledge receipt of the complaint 3. Perform an unbiased investigation 4. Report back with your findings 5. Avoid retaliation Labour Relations Boards • Quasi-judicial body consisting of representatives from government, labour, and business • It functions more informally than a court but it has the full authority of the law • The CIRB plays an active role in helping parties resolve their disputes through mediation • The CIRB also certifies labour unions, investigating complaints of unfair labour practices, issuing cease and desist orders in cases of unlawful strikes and lockouts, rendering decisions on jurisdictional issues • They oversee collective bargaining, which is the process where unions and management representatives negotiate a contract for workers • Certification is a formal process whereby a union is recognized by the LRB as the bargaining agent for a group of employees • Decertification: process by which workers can take away a union’s to represent them • Steps in a collective bargaining process: • Obj
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