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Chapter 2

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Teal Mc Ateer

Chapter 2PersonalityPersonality is the relatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influences the way an individual interacts with his or her environment Five Factor Model of personalityo ExtraversionSocial talkative vs withdrawn shyo Emotional StabilityStable confident vs depressed anxious o Agreeableness Tolerant cooperative vs cold rude o Conscientiousness Dependable responsible vs careless impulsive o Openness to experienceCurious original vs dull unimaginativeLocus of control is a set of beliefs about whether ones behavior is controlled mainly by internal or external forcesSelfmonitoring is the extent to which people observe and regulate how they appear and behave in social settings and relationships High external control o Behavior determined by fate luck powerful peopleHigh internal controlo Behavior determined by selfinitiative personal actions free will Selfesteem is the degree to which a person has a positive selfevaluation Behavioral plasticity theory states that people with low selfesteem tend to be more susceptible to external and social influences than those have high self esteem Positive affectivity is the propensity to view the world including oneself and other people in a positive light Negative affectivity is the propensity to view the world including oneself and other people i
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