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Amreen Azam Commerce 1E03 Appendix C Textbook Notes Role of Information Technology In the 1970s, business technology was known as data processing (DP) o Data: raw, unanalyzed, and unorganized facts and figures o Information: processed and organized data that can be used for managerial decision making financial DP used to support an existing business; primary purpose is to improve the flow of information In the 1980s, business technology became known as information systems (IS) o Centre of the business instead of supporting business, focus on doing business o Business technology was just an addition to the existing way of doing business In the 1990s, business shifted to using new technology on new methods o Business technology became known as IT o Information Technology: technology that helps companies change business by allowing them to use new methods Average CIO spent less time worrying about keeping systems running, and found ways to use purchasing decisions, operational strategy, and technology to boost business by participating in marketingsales Today, role of CIO is to help business use technology to communicate better with others while offering better service and lower costs How IT changes business: IT allows businesses to deliver GS whenever and wherever it is convenient for the customer Being independent of location bring work to people instead of people to work With IT, data and information can flow thousands of kms in a second allows connecting with the others around the world Moving towards virtualization: accessibility through technology that allows business to be conducted independently of location Electronic communications can provide substantial time savings whether you work in an office, at home, or on the road o Opportunity for companies to generate additional revenue Page 1 of 7
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