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Appendix CUsing Technology to Manage InformationThe role of information technology Business technology was formerly known as data processing DPIt then became known as information systems ISNext wasInformation technology IT technology that helps companies change business by allowing them to use new methodsHow information technology changes business Virtualization accessibility through technology that allows business to be conducted independent of locationMoving from information toward knowledge and business intelligence In the 90s we started to move away from IT and toward knowledge technology KTKnowledge is information charged with enough intelligence to make it relevant and usefulLater became known as business intelligence systems BIBI refers to a variety of software applications that analyze an organizations raw data and take useful insights from itTypes of information Types of info available to businesses todayBusiness process informationPhysicalworld observationsBiological dataPublic dataData that indicate personal preferences Managing information Business people are deluged with so much data that this information overload is referred to as infoglutThe most important step toward gaining perspective is to identify the four or five key goals you wish to reachThe usefulness of management information depends on four characteristics 1 Qualityinformation is accurate and reliable 2 Completeness3 Timeliness 4 Relevance Storing and mining data A data warehouse stores data on a single subject over a specific period of time The whole purpose of a data warehouse is to get data out
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