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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Human resource management (HRM) – Policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes and performance Competiveness – A company’s ability to maintain and gain market share in its industry Human resource Management Practices 1. Analysis and design of work 2. HR planning 3. Recruiting 4. Selection 5. Training and development 6. Compensation 7. Performance management 8. Employee relations All these eight factors equals to Company performance Responsible of HR Department Employment and recruiting Interviewing, recruiting, testing, temporary workforce coordination Training and development Orientation, performance management skills training, productivity enhancement Compensation Wage and salary administration, job descriptions, job evaluation, executive compensation, incentive pay Benefits Insurance, vacation leave administration, retirement plans, profit sharing, stock plans Employee services Employee assistance programs, relocation services. Outplacement services Employee and community relations Attitude surveys, labour relations, publications, compliance with employment law, discipline Personnel records Information systems, records Health and safety Safety inspection, drug testing, health, wellness Strategic planning International human resources, forecasting, planning, mergers and acquisitions Scope of role and responsibilities is driven by: - Size of company - nature of their workforce - industry - and the values of company management Evolution of HRM Function - Shift in how time is spent o Away from administration o Towards strategic business partner, change agent, and employee advocate - Engagement in evidence-based HR o Data-based analysis of relationship between HR practices and organizational outcomes HRM Professionals Types of jobs in HR - HR generalist – broad activities - HR specialist – narrower set of activities - HR consultant (internal or external) - HR executive Business point of view is critical, experience in other areas of company is beneficial Active involvement in professional associations is important for those in HR (with or without certification) Certification can increase salary Six Competencies for HR Profession Credit Activist (Top of pyramid) - Delivers results with integrity - Shares information - Builds trusting relationships - Influences others, provides candid observation, takes appropriate risks Cultural Steward (mid of pyramid) - Facilitates change - Develops and values the culture - Helps employees navigate the culture( find meaning in their work, manage encourage balance, encourage innovation) Talent Manager/ Organizational designer (mid of pyramid) - Develops talent - Designs reward - Shapes the organization Strategic Architect(mid) - Recognizes business trends and their impact on the business - Provides evidence-based on HR - Develops people strategies that contribute to the business strategy Business Ally (bot) - Understands how the business makes money - Understands language of nosiness Operational Executor (bot) - Implements workplace policies - Advance HR technology - Administers day-to-day work of managing people SUSTAINABILTY CHALLENGE (LO2) Sustainability, globalization, & technology (Fig. 1.3, p. 12) Competing Through Competing through Competing through Technology Globalization sustainability • Changes employees’ • Expand into foreign • Provide a return to and managers’ work markets shareholders roles • Prepare employees • Provide high-quality • Create high- to work in foreign products, services, performance work locations and work experience systems through for employees integrating technology and • Increase value placed on intangible social systems assets and human • Develop e- capital commerce and e- • Promote social and HRM environmental responsibility • Adapt to changing characteristics and expectations of the labour force • Address legal and ethical issues • Effectively use new
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