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Mckenzie Wang

HRManagementChapter3The Legal System in CanadaThe Constitution Act 1867 affects HRM in three ways 1It delineates a citizens constitutional rights on which the government cannot impinge Most individuals are aware of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and guarantees persons in Canada the right to equality and basic freedoms in their interactions with government2The Constitution established three major and ongoing governing bodies the legislative executive and judicial branches3The Constitution divides lawmaking power and functions in Canada between the federal government and the provinces and territoriesLegislative BranchConsists of the Parliament of Canada which includes the House of Commons which is elected the Senate which is appointed and the Queen or the governor general In the provinces the same process but with the lieutenant governorThe federal provincial and territorial legislatures develop laws that govern many HRM activitiesBylaws are not generally significant to HRM activities but can have local impactExecutive BranchThe Cabinet at the federal level consists of the Prime Minister and ministers who are answerable to Parliament for government activities Responsible for administering and enforcingthe laws and policies passed by Parliament and the legislaturesDetermines regulations under legislation and makes appointments to the administrative agencies and tribunals that are responsible for enforcing legislation such as human rights commissions and tribunals Judicial BranchAll government action is subject to judicial scrutinyHuman Resources Management Chapter 31
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