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Commerce 2BC3 Chapter 1 Changing Nature of Human Resources ManagementNature of Human Resources ManagementThe policies practices and systems that influence an employees behaviour attitude and performance in the attainment of organizational goalsActivities continue to change and evolve HR Activities7 interlinked activities1 Global Forces and HR Management Becoming transnational2 Strategic HR ManagementProcess of linking the HR function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance To anticipate and respond to the HR changes from organizations strategic HR management has grown in importanceHR effectiveness must be increasing through the use of HR metrics HR Metrics Specific measures tied to HR performance indicators HR technology is important and many organizations have HR management systems which use information technology to provide managers and employees with more accurate and timely information on HR programs and activities In HR planning managers attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for employees Issue retention of employees 3 Equal Employment OpportunityCompliance with providing equal employment opportunities and its relevant laws and regulations affects all other HR activities and is integral to HR managementThe diversity of a multicultural and global workforce is creating more challenges for HR professionals and all managers Strategic HR plans must ensure sufficient availability of employees who represent the designated groups women visible minorities Aboriginal peoples persons with disabilities as determined by Employment Equity legislation4 StaffingTo provide adequate supply of qualified individuals to fill jobs in an organizationStudying what workers do job analysis lays the foundation for the staffing functionJob descriptions and job specifications can be prepared to use when recruiting applicants for job openingsSelection process is concerned with choosing qualified individuals to fill jobs in the organization5 Talent Management and DevelopmentIn organizations of all sizes and industriesOrientation of new employees talent management and development includes different types of trainingHR development of all employees is necessary to prepare organizations for future challenges Career planning identifies paths and activities for individual employees as they develop and move within the organizationAssessing how employees perform their jobs is the focus of performance management 6 Total Rewards Compensation is the form of pay incentives and benefits rewards people for performing organizational work To be competitive employers must develop and refine their basic compensation systems The use of variable pay programs such as gain sharing and productivity rewards is growing Rewards can be an issue 7 Health Safety and Security Ensuring the physical and mental health and safety of employees is vital
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