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Commerce 2BC3 Chapter 7 Training Human ResourcesNature of Training Orientation Planned introduction of new employees to their jobs coworkers and the organization Offered by most employers in some form or anotherRequires cooperation between individuals in the HR unit and operating managers and supervisors In a small organization the new employees supervisor or manager usually assumes most of the responsibility for orientation In large organizations managers and supervisor as well as the HR department generally work as a team to orient new employeesExposes employees to the culture that is fostered throughout the organization by becoming aware of policies procedures practices and organizational lingoAlso provides new employees the opportunity to make a smoother transition to the organization likely making employees feel more comfortable and welcomed to the organization Part of a longterm investment in an employee Should be applied to help the organization reach the strategic goals of the organizationAdvantages of OrientationReduction in anxiety Better performance on the jobHigher rates of retentionMore productive employee produced more quickly Lower grievances likely as a result of the clear expectations that are outlined Effective OrientationContribute to both shortterm and longterm success for employees Key purposesEstablishes a favourable employee impression of the organization and the job Provides organization and job informationEnhances interpersonal acceptance by coworkers Accelerates socialization and integration of the new employee into the organization Ensures that employee performance and productivity begin more quickly SocializationOf new employees and their initial commitment to the organization are positively affected by orientationEnhances the personorganization fitHigher employee retention rates result when new employees receive effective orientationContributes to overall organizational performance by helping employees to more quickly feel that they are a part of the organization and can begin contribution to organizational work factorsElectronic DeliveryWay of expanding the efficiency of orientation is to use electronic resourcesPlace general employee orientation information on company intranets or corporate websitesThe HR staff can address specific questions and concerns Many new employee orientation sessions come across as boring irrelevant and a waste of time to both partiesUpon completion of the orientation process employees should begin their jobs Training on the job will likely continue for some timeTrainingProcess whereby people acquire the necessary KSAs to perform jobs Provides employees with specific identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their current jobs Distinction between training and development with development being broader in scope and focusing on individuals gaining new KSAs useful for both current and future jobsNew Context of TrainingAffect four areas 1 Organizational competiveness and trainingTraining expenditures have been expected to increase Training budgets are being drawn from operational and developmental budgetsTraining and HR development efforts are crucial to competitive business successIf employees are not trained all the time they fall behind and the company becomes less competitive Aiding in the retention of employeesEmployers that invest more in TD enhance retention efforts2 Knowledge Management and TrainingThe way an organization identifies and leverages knowledge in order to be competitive
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