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Marketing Chapter 7 Marketing research • Process of collecting and using information for marketing decision making Who conducts Marketing Research? • Syndicated service o Organization that provides standardized data to all customers o Base their reports on personal interviews, exposure to advertising, or point-of- sale scanner data captured from a retail store o Clients include advertisers, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, broadcasters, and cable TV networks • Full-service research supplier o Marketing research organization that contracts with clients to conduct complete marketing research projects • Limited-service research supplier o Marketing research firm that specializes in a limited number of research activities, such as conducting field interviews or performing data processing • Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programs o Firms often focus on tracking the satisfaction levels of current customers o Some marketers have gained valuable insights by tracking the dissatisfaction that led customers to abandon certain products for those of competitors The Marketing Research Process • Defining the Problem o Researchers must carefully avoid confusing symptoms of a problem with the problem itself Marketing 2MA3: Chapter 7 1 • Conducting Exploratory Research o Researchers can begin exploratory research after a firm defined the problem  Exploratory research is the process of discussing a marketing problem with informed sources both within and outside the firm and examining information from secondary sources  Sales analysis • In-depth evaluation of a firm’s sales • Formulating a Hypothesis o It sets the stage for more in-depth research by further clarifying what researchers need to test • Creating a Research Design • Collecting Data o Gathering secondary and primary data • Interpreting and Presenting the Research Information o Possible differences in interpretations of research results may occur between marketing researchers and their audiences due to deferring backgrounds, levels of knowledge, and experience Marketing Research Methods • Secondary Data Collection o Consists of external and internal data o Government data  Statistics Canada and Industry Canada o Private data  A trade association may be excellent source of data on activities in a particular industry  Business and trade magazines 2 Marketing 2MA3: Chapter 7  Specialized trade journals o Online Sources of Secondary Data  Databases  The Internet  Researchers must carefully evaluate the validity of information they find on the Internet  Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) Sampling Techniques • Sampling o Process of selecting survey responsents or research participants • Population o Total group that researchers want to study • Probability sample o Sample that gives every member of the population a chance of being selected o Can include simple random samples, stratified samples, and cluster samples  Lotteries, opinion polls, • Nonprobability sample o Sample that involves personal judgement somewhere in the selection process o Convenience samples and quota samples Primary Research Methods • Observation method o Example: Television industry and TV habits o Interpretative research Marketing 2MA3: Chapter 7 3  Observational research method developed by social anthropologists in which customers are observed in their natural setting and their behaviour is interpreted based on an understanding of social and cultural characteristics; also known as ethnography o Survey and Interview methods  Telephone interviews  Personal interviews • Mall intercepts o Interviews conducted inside malls  Focus groups • Simultaneous personal interview of a small group of individuals,
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