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Commerce 3FA3 Chapter 17 Dividends and Dividend PolicyCash Dividends and Dividend Payment Dividend Payment made out of a firms earnings to its owners in the form of cash or stock Distribution Payment made by a firm to its owners from sources other than current or accumulated earnings Dividends come in 3 different forms1 Regular Cash dividend Cash payment made by a firm to its owners in the normal course of business usually made 4 times a year 2 Extra Cash dividend By calling part of the payments extra management is indicating it may or may not be repeated in the future 3 Liquidating dividend Some or all of the business had been liquidated A cash dividend payment reduces corporate cash and retained earnings except in the case of a liquidating dividend where capital may be reducedDeclaration date Date on which the board of directors passes a resolution to pay a dividendExdividend date Date 2 business days befor
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