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Chapter 5

COMMERCE 3S03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: High Tech

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Frances L Tuer

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Chapter 5 – How Managers Communicate
Managerial Communication The process by which information is exchanged and
understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to influence or motivate
A Model of Communication
o Many people think communication is simple and natural.
It’s not just sending information, but sharing it in a planned way.
o Knowing what communication entails helps you appreciate the complexity of
First encoding an idea, creating a tangible message, sending through a
channel (the medium by which the information is sent). The receiver then
decodes and interprets the meaning of the message. Feedback occurs
when the employee responds (this is cyclical).
o Encoding and decoding can sometimes cause communication errors
Can be caused by differences in knowledge, values, attitudes, and
o Feedback enables a manager to determine whether the employee correctly
interpreted the message.
Without feedback, the communication cycle is incomplete, and may not
lead to a mutual understanding of information.
Managers are Sensegivers
Managers are responsible for shaping how people think about their work and the
organization, including the values that guide decisions and behaviour.

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Sensegiving The process of influencing how others construct meaning and make sense
of their environment.
Communication Champion Good
communication is essential to building
trust, gaining commitment, and
inspiring and uniting people to work
together to accomplish a common
o Effective manager
communication is purpose-
directed, directing peoples
attention towards the vision,
values, and desired outcomes of
the team and persuades people
to act in ways to achieve
important goals.
Leading Effective Conversations
Creating an Open Communication Climate
o Sharing all types of information throughout the organization, across functional
and hierarchical boundaries.
o Employees need to know what’s going on with the company.
People need to know how their work contributes to the success of the
If no information is given, people will rely on the rumor mill.
o Good Managers want communication to flow in all activities.
o Open communication builds trust between managers and employees and
inspires commitment and collaboration to achieve a common purpose.
Asking Questions
o Asking questions builds critical thinking skills
A straight up answer typically puts a full stop to thinking.
o Asking questions shows people that you’re interested in who they are and what
they think
o Questions stimulate the mind and give people a chance to make a difference.
Active Listening
o We hear with our ears, but we listen with our minds and hearts.
Listening consciously striving to grasp and interpret a message’s
genuine meaning. This is achieved by listening to both the facts, and the
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