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Chapter 11

COMMERCE 3S03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Uptodate, Micromanagement, The Politician

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Frances L Tuer

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Chapter 11 Managing Your Boss
The Art of Managing Up
You’ll be more successful if you learn to manage effectively both up and down the
o People above you rely on you for information, support and assistance in
accomplishing goals.
Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of managing the boss
o There is an overriding concern to keep the boss happy, so subordinates hesitate
to pass along information that might not be welcome, or avoid questioning the
managers assumptions, ideas or decisions.
Four Attitudes Toward Authority
o Deep-seated aversion to being assisted or supported by anyone
o They go out of their way to maintain their independence, rejecting help and
emotional support, and maintain distance from others
o They view authority figures as irrelevant at best, or even as obstacles or
problems to overcome.
o Habitually criticize bosses as incompetent or worthless. They see their boss as
the enemy
o Can’t get enough help and support. They are needy, insecure and submissive.
o They have little trust in their own abilities and ideas, and never criticize or
disagree with authority figures because they fear losing their attention and
emotional support.
o Always want to please the boss, and are over-compliant even is their boss’
decision is unethical.
o Have a sense of self-worth and healthy attitude of self-reliance.

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o Accept responsibility and get
what they want through their
own actions.
o Don’t need to continually
strive for attention or
approval, nor to they show
resistance to authority.
o The realization that the best
things happen by working
cooperatively with others.
o Secure in own worth and see
authority as trustworthy and
dependable unless proven
o “We’re all in this together”
What Your Boss Wants from You
Keep a make-it-happen attitude
o Bosses don’t want excuses, they want results
o Bosses want followers that are positive and self-motivated, who accept
responsibility and get things done.
o Be innovative and creative; propose ideas for the boss to consider.
Be willing to collaborate
Lead Initiatives for change
o Many people feel uncertainty with leading change initiatives.
o Bosses want people willing to step up to the plate, take a chance on a new idea.
Stay Up-to-date
o Know what’s happening in your industry and know your customers and
Drive your own growth
o Continually seek to enhance your own education and development rather than
depending on the boss to do it. (E.g. taking on difficult assignments).
Boss Management Rule #1: Understand Your Boss
Observe and analyze the boss’ work style
o Seek out information from the boss directly, with others and paying attention to
Understand the Types of Bosses
o The Natural
Inspires us to give our best.
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