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Commerce 3S03 Chapter 1 Personal Effectiveness Learning and Personal ImprovementPersonal Effectiveness The Foundation of Great ManagementEffective management starts from the insidePersonal effectiveness is the foundation of great managementThe most powerful and useful framework for thinking about personal improvement in management skills is by Albert Bandura and his social learning theoryThe theory suggests the learning of any new behaviour is the result of 3 main factors the person the environment and the behaviourThe mutual influence is referred to as reciprocal determinism and is at the root of social learning theory Social learning has been so influential because it refutes widely held notions that people only learn through their own personal experience of rewards and consequencesBandura suggests that most learning is done through observation and modeling of the behaviours of othersAlso there is such a big disconnect between knowing and doing challenge is to execute Bandura outlines 4 critical components required to learn through observation and these are the key building blocks of the most successful management training methods These areAttentionIf you want to learn you have to pay specific attention Have to focusFind the right models and devote undivided attention to them Isolate specifically Dont try to learn too much at once RetentionUnderstand and remember what you have observed Related your observations to a theory a framework and understand why what you observed was effective or ineffectiveReproductionPractice or actual demonstration of a skillYou have to translate the images or descriptions into behaviour Practice with feedback makes perfectMotivationPersist to stay with itHave a conscious reason to continuePunishment does not work well with reinforcementA Model of SelfManagement Selfmanagement A process of modifying ones own behaviour by systematically altering how we arrange different cues in our world how we think about what we hope to change and how we attach behavioural consequences to our actions Includes strategies we directly impose on ourselves to influence our own behaviour and those whereby we attempt to alter our external world to help affect our behavioural change5 Behaviour focused strategies to improve selfmanagement 1 Self observationExplorationObserve and collect information about the specific behaviours you have targeted for changeInvolves determining when why and under what conditions you currently use certain behaviours Provide the building blocks for managing ourselvesThe best strategies involve recording your observations and keeping close tabs on your behaviour before the changes and after Learn from mistakes or failed efforts Mistakes you learn from are productive failures 2 Selfset Improvements Goals Determine what more effective behaviour is often by observing effective models and set specific goals for your own behaviours Determine your desired outcome of effective behaviours look like The best goals derive from attention to effective modelsSetting goals work because1 In committing to a goal a person devotes attention toward goalrelevant activities and away from goalirrelevant activities2 Goals energize people
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