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Commerce 3S03 Chapter 6 Power and InfluenceFor managerial purposes power can be defined as the ability to exert influence to control others or events and the capacity to defend against the influence of othersAuthority is the type of power of person possesses due to his position Influence is the use of powerInfluence is power in action and influence tactics serve as the means by which managers gain and exercise power Understanding what power is where it comes from and the most effective tactics to get beyond authority to influence others is a key to great management Power is relationalPower only exists where there are at least 2 people and is a property of the relationship between people A useful and popular way to think of power is that it is based on dependence Dependence leads people to do things they may otherwise do Understanding relational dependencies is key t understanding your own power and the power of others People who have power and use it effectively attain desired jobs more quickly make more money and are promoted more quickly than people without power New jobs are often the product of weak ties of the indirect relationships one possesses rather than the strong ties of direct relationships People ultimately tend to get jobs through a friend of a friend weak ties and not through people they know directly strong tiesMyths of Power and InfluencePower and influence are inherently slimyRationality is the best form of influence Power stems solely from ones position Involving others and sharing power weakens your own position First impressions and good manners are old fashionedThe Sources of Power and influence Bases of PowerThe most widely known and accepted classification of power if French and Ravens model of the five power bases first introduced nearly 50 years ago1 Reward PowerThe ability to provide others with rewards they desire in exchange for your work you need accomplished In order to increase your reward power base you do need to control some rewards and this may take a certain amount of creativity depending on 2 Legitimate powerIs invested in a role or job position often called authority Politicians kings police officers and managers all have legitimate powerThe legitimacy generally stems from some higher hierarchical level or legal mandate The legitimate power of a manager ultimately comes from the companys owners or shareholdersCommon seduction of legitimate power is to neglect the reality that influence associated with a role most often really stems from that position not the person in the position Building legitimate power is often thought of as the most difficult power base to increase Because the close tie to ones position in the organizational hierarchy 3 Referent PowerIs highly associated with the person and not the position Stems from another person either admiring you or wanting to be like you In the workplace referent power is normally associated with respect and a good working relationship Is directly under your immediate control To increase your referent power you need to be trusted and respected
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