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Commerce 3S03 Chapter 8 Team Effectiveness and Diversity Teams in the Workplace When they are effective teams make better decisions than individuals and greatly outperform their best member Experience suggests there are several common misconceptions and unfounded assumptions regarding what makes effective teamsMyths of TeamworkTeams are always the answerThe key to team performance is cohesionThe team leader is the primary determinant of team performance The best individual performers will create the highest performing teamWhen do Teams Make SenseTeams make the most sense for particular objectives and under certain circumstances Teams do not represent a solution for all situations Teams are better when no individual expert exists Teams are often superior in stimulating innovation and creativity Teams are better when risk is desirable Teams are more creative and innovative in performing tasks than individuals Teams can create a context where people feel connected and valued The first team skill is the ability to assess when and where a team is even appropriateHighPerforming Teams Team A group of people who are collectively accountable for definable outcomes and have a high degree of interdependence and interaction Teams are unique because each member cannot complete the work without the work of other members The High Performance Team ScorecardThe scorecard for determining whether a team is high performing consists of 3 dimensions 1 Production OutputThe products or outcomes of the team meet or exceed the standards set in that context2 Member SatisfactionBeing part of the team provides people with satisfactionMembers find belonging to the team to be a good experience both professionally and personally3 Capacity for Continued CooperationThe team accomplishes its tasks in a way that will maintain or enhance its ability to work together in the future Effective teams do not exhaust all their resources and goodwill but get better at working together for the next project and continually strive to learn from mistakes A highperformance team is one that produces highquality work but also has members who derive value from being part of the group and who are able to learn from each project in ways that make them able to cooperate even in the futureThe Knowledge Skills and Abilities KSAs Requirements for Teamwork 1 Conflict Resolution 2 Collaborative Problem Solving 3 Communication 4 Goal Setting and Performance Management 5 Planning and Task Coordination The Five Disciplines of HighPerforming Teams1 Small SizeThe larger the team gets the harder it is for people to meet either in person or virtually gain shared understanding and commitment share leadership roles and so on2 Capable and Complementary Members Teamwork is not for everyone and some people are far better suited to making team contributions than others but it is often not obvious who those people are Every team needs enough functional or technical skills to do the tasks they have to do
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