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ch 4 - needs analysis

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Chapter 4 The Needs Analysis ProcessNeeds Analysisthe cornerstonefoundation of TRDvlpt the most important step in the TRDvlpt processNeeds analysis a process designed to identify gaps or deficiencies in employeeorgl performanceconcerned w gaps bw actualdesired performance Needsrequired resultscurrent resultsNeeds analysis Process consists of a series of interrelated steps 1 Concern an itch or pressure point 2 Importance is the concern central to the effectiveness of the orgdoes perf cost the company lost in productivity or dissatisfied customers 3 Consult Stakeholders support from key players in the org is necessary from the beg of the needsanalysis processall stakeholders must buy into the needsanalysis process to ensure that the data collection will result in accurate info 4 Data Collection most extensiveinvolves the documentation of the concern through the collection of info from 3 levels of analysisorganizational taskpersonemployee5 Outcomes clarifies nature of perf gaps determine if TRD is a good solution to perf problemswhere TR is needed in the org what type of TRwho should receive TR a Needs analysis is used to write TR objectives to design TR programsused in the dvlpt of measures for TR evaluationOrganizational Analysisinvolves the study of the entire org its strategy envt resourcescontextkey to org analysis is finding out if a TR program is fitting w an orgs strategyidentifies potential constraintsproblems that can derail a TR program so they are dealt w prior to the designdelivery of the costly TR program 1 Strategy consists of org missions goalsobjectivesindicates typeamnt of training required a Strategic training the alignment of an orgs TR needsprograms w an orgs strategyobjectives2 Environment factors in the envt can impact the org HR practicesTRD as the envt is dynamicuncertain 3 Resource Analysis involves identifying the resources available in the org that might be required to designimplement TRD programs 4 Org Context the climate of the org refers to the collective attitudes of its employees toward work supervisioncompany goals policiesprocedures a Training transfer climate characteristics in the work envt that can either facilitate or inhibit the application of TR on the jobex
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