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Chapter 10

chapter 10 - transfer of tr

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Chapter 10 Transfer of TrainingTransfer of trainingTransfer of training refers to the application of the knowledgeskills acquired in a TR program on the jobthe maintenance of knowledge over timeo 2 conditions ToTR when these both occur 1 Generalization the useapplication of learned material to the job 2 Maintenance the useapplication of learned material on the job over a period of timePositive transfertrainees effectively apply their new KSAs acquired in TRzerotrainees are not using new knowledgeskills on the jobnegativeTR has had a tve effecttrainees are performing worsenear transfer the extent to which trainees can apply what was learned in TR to situations that are similar to those in which they were trainedfar transfer the extent to which trainees can apply what was learned in TR to noveldiff situations from those in which they were trainedHorizontal transfer transfer of knowledgeskills across diff settingscontexts at the same levelVertical transfer from the individualtrainee level to the org level link bw employee behavorg effectivenessBarriers have to do with factors in the work envtcan be traced to trainees managersthe orgdue to lack of support from supervisorsorg1 barrierimmediate manager doesnt support the TR ToT Processpg 290 fig 101 1 Training InputTrainee Characteristics have a direct effect on learningretentionthe conditions of transfer o Trainees w higher cognitive ability TR motivationselfefficacy are more likely to transfer o Motivation to transfer a trainees intended efforts to utilize skillsknowledge learned in TR on the jobve transferTraining Design incorporate beforeduring TR learning principles o Identical elements providing trainees w TR experiencesconditions that closely resemble those in the actual work envtnecessary for near transfer o Physical fidelity making the conditions of a TR program similar to the work envt surroundings tasks o Psychological fidelity the extent that trainees attach similar meanings to the TR experiencethe job o General principles involve teaching trainees the general rulestheoretical principles that underlie the useapplication of trained knowledgeskills
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