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Chapter 4 Hazards Recognition AssessmentControl RAC Hazard any condition or changing set of circumstances that has the potential to cause an injury damaged ladder icy porch frayed wireEvent any activity that may occur on a daytoday basis as a direct or indirect result of some human or humanrelated undertaking operating a forklift or work processorIncident any observable human activity that is an unwanted event or occurrence that had or might have had a tve impact on the ppl property or process involved ex accidentsclose callsnot wearing safety glasses wearing lose clothes around machineryAccident any unwanted event that causes harm to ppl property or processesdue to direct contact w some form of energy that is greater than the strength of the bodyelectrical mechanical thermal radioactive chemical kinetic gravitationalInjury any trauma physical or mental direct or indirect acute or chronic experienced by a human o Overt traumatic injuries injuries resulting from coming into contact w an energy source cuts fractures burns from falling or being struck by material CUIBCIUB when workers get Caught In Under or Bw machineryPrevention1 recognize the source of the hazard 2 eliminate the hazard 3 protect workers from exposure to the hazard o Overexertion injuries caused by excessive physical effort lifting repetitive motionsawkward working positions CTS tendonitis back painLOW BACK PAIN50 of musculoskeletal complaintsis the FASTEST growingRepetitive Strain Injury RSI tennis telephone operatorsgolfers elbow writers cramppostal workers shoulder CTSbecoming the MOST common occupational injury120 Cndns over 20yrs have experienced RSI Due to o Unnatural joint position or posture o Force application to hinge joints o Activity repetition o Preexisting conditionsAwkward working positions strainssprains result from bending twistingworking in awkward positions ex dancers artists musicians 4 factors to be consideredHazard ID 1 Ergonomic factors costs over 400M in BC 5yrs Workplaces that are ergonomic can productivity by 33 decreases errors by 93user satisfaction The GOAL is to design a work system in which the methods machines equipment layoutenvt are
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