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Fouzia Baki

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Operations ManagementChapter 3 Statistical Process Control Statistical process control SPC Involves monitoring the production process to detect and prevent poor quality Employee training in SPC is a fundamental principle of TQMThe Basics of Statistical Process Control Sample A subset of the items produced to use for inspectionAll processes have variabilityrandom and nonrandom identifiable correctable SPC is a tool for identifying problems in order to make improvementsAttribute A product characteristic that can be evaluated with a discrete responseVariable Measure A product characteristic that is continuous and can be measured weight lengthA service defect is a failure to meet customer requirements Control chart A graph that established the control limits of a process PatternsA pattern can indicate an outofcontrol process even if sample values are within control limitsRun A sequence of sample values that display the same characteristicPattern Test Determines if the observations within the limits of control chart display a nonrandom patternThere are several general guidelines associated with the zones for identifying patterns in a control chart where none of the observations are beyond the control limits 1 8 consecutive points on 1 side of the centerline 2 8 consecutive points up and down3 14 points alternating up and down4 2 out of 3 consecutive points in zone a on one side of the centerline 5 4 out of
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