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Chapter 4


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Operations Management Chapter 4 Product DesignDesign can provide a competitive edge Perceptual map visual method of comparing customer perceptions of different products or servicesBenchmarking Comparing a product or process against the bestinclass product Reverse engineering Carefully dismantling a competitors product to improve your own product A feasibility study consists of a market analysis an economic analysis and a technicalstrategic analysisRapid prototyping Creating testing and revising a preliminary design model Concurrent design A new approach to design that involves simultaneous design of products and processes by design teams Form Design How thr product will look Its shape colour size and style Functional design How the product will provide 3 performance caracteristics considered during this phase of design are reliability mantainability and usabilityReliability The probability that a product will perform its intended function for a specified period of timeMaintainability The ease with which a product is maintained or repaired Also called serviceabilityUsability Ease of use of a product or serviceProduction design How the product will be madeRecommended approaches to production design include Simplification Reduces the number of parts assemblies or options in a productStandardization When commonly available and interchangeable parts are used Modular design Combines standardized building blocks or modules to create uniquw finished productsDesign for manfacture DFM Designing a product so that it
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